Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Worst Inch of Snow

We returned to Asheville Fri. night amidst weather reports of the upcoming perfect storm. Saturday it was wet out, with a few flakes blowing around. It was about 39'F with a mild breeze. I went for a haircut in Asheville and the place was deserted. Then I went to the library and there was a sign on the door "Closed Due To Weather". What weather? Do they mean drizzle?

Today we woke up to a frightening inch of snow. About 9 am our pastor calls to tell us church is cancelled because he can't get out. He lives about 100 feet from the church. So I went out and documented this hundred year storm with my camera. Good thing I did because 2 hours later you can't even tell it snowed. North Carolina has a great snow removal plan; it's called sunshine! Beam me up!


Marianne said...

Don't even start with me, Babba. It's 20 degrees out there today in the Bend.

When I think of the tunnels y'all used to shovel out to Simba's doghouse, and the mountains of snow 15 feet high in the church parking lot, I laugh at those North Carolinians sweeping the walk in their Birkenstocks!

Anonymous said...

Gee, Babba, Your pics look just like RAH-Chaster. That dusting is about what we have here. It all came in a Lake effect special at about 9 this morning. Our "white powdered sunshine" will be sticking around a while though with overnight lows around 10. You miss the stuff... you know you do!!!