Sunday, October 15, 2006

First Frost

Our temp dropped down to 31'F last night. Bo and I were out for our morning walk. Time for the gloves and the hoody. I hear Buffalo got a dusting of snow. Twenty inches and they want to declare a state of emergency; what a bunch of pansies. Snow in Buffalo; that's a shocker! We did light our gas log for about 20 minutes this morning, just to take the chill off. The leaves are turning and the Blue Ridge Parkway is full of nature lovers and photographers. We took Bo on a hike up at Mount Pisgah. Carol took this picture of me being transfigured.

There has been a bit of a shake-up in our little Nazarene Church. Our associate pastor/school administrator/sunday school teacher/organ player and her husband resigned. They will be missed. So we all are wearing a couple more hats. Carol and I are going to teach Sunday School and Carol is in charge of fundraising for the school and I'm part-time sound engineer. I'm having to learn Power-Point and it stresses me out because the pastor's wife always changes up the music as the spirit leads. Today I had my first soloist with C.D. accompaniment. The pastor insists on me using the four remote controls; even when the equiptment is right at my finger tips. So this morning I'm following directions and after the soloist is finished I hit the stop on the remote for the C.D. player about five times and figure it's stopped. By this time the pastor is back at the podium and the next track bellows out in a deep baritone voice "And Now Ladies and Gentleman". I hit the stop button on the player itself but by now the whole congregation is hysterical. It took the Pastor about 5 minutes to compose himself and start the message. It was a typical "Nazarene Moment". We actually did have a new young couple with children visit our church last Sunday. That was the service when our associate pastor read her resignation letter. Well Carol made a run right up the middle after the service to meet them and assure them that this was not our usual service (more weeping than a funeral) but I don't think we will see them again. Well, eighteen months ago the church was about to close, so we really have come a long way. We just need God to send us about two dozen souls to fill the pews. But by the way, the school is doing great.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Great post for the camera, Babba!

As far as Buffalo goes, it wasn't the amount of snow they got it was the destruction and havoc it caused. 22"-24" of soaking wet soggy snow yanked on power lines and tree limbs. I think even Laura C got 8" of the stuff. The killer was some people were out of power for the rest of the week. One lady I work with lives in Batavia and was without power and heat up until Saturday. Others were still out and cold.

Oh speaking of Buffalo.... the "Bungling Bills" lost again to Detroit... 20-17.

I just love the way you wear those multi-job hats. The next hat your going to wear is the preacher's hat with the way you're going. May even have a Holy Ghost revival. Wouldn't that stir up the Nazarenes? : )


6:22 PM

Anonymous said...

Carol is fundraiser? A Sc- is a fundraiser? This decision needs to be reviewed.

Imagine those trees in Buffalo heavy with wet snow and still fully leafed out. It's a mess over there. M-

Marianne said...

great pics, Babba!
Does this mean that when I come home on break I'll have to fill in as a Children's pastor?

Babba-Gi said...

If you are the Youth Pastor you will have to bring your own youth. The singing quartet of girls in the John Deere outfits from the trailer park don't come anymore. Maybe you can teach Josh your bible study on the Book of Ester.

The day they make me a Pastor is when I start looking over my head for the black helicopters!