Sunday, November 26, 2006

Leaving Las Vegas

I'm always amazed
that I can have breakfast in Pahrump, Nevada and dinner in Asheville, N.C. 6 hours later. The whole family made it to the South West Command Center; which is conveniently located next to Area-51. It was great to be able to breath the fresh desert air and explore the road less traveled. We had ten entrees plus 4 different desserts. There were only 5 dogs attending. After dinner we relaxed around the open pit fire in the courtyard next to the adjoining casida where CP and I stayed. CP and LG spent hours shucking a couple of hundred chestnuts for the stuffing. MP made her world famous cheesecake. We spotted these wild donkeys that were out on the open range. Pahrump International airport is lacking in security, judging by how close to the tower these two shady people got. The evenings were climaxed by the Colin Firth aka Mr.Darcy Film Festival. We had nice weather, beautiful sunsets and plenty of "poof-dirt". We never got to see the cougar that keeps killing all the coyotes. We took the mandatory sticks and sidearms when we went for walks. I forgot all about Asheville, until I was approached by a pan-handling cowboy. I guess this is the new west.


Aunt Dot said...

Fun pics, Babba:-)

Anonymous said...

Lots of fun!!!