Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bo Has A Past !

After waiting four months to get an appointment at Dreamboat Dog Coiffures in Hooterville, I finally got Bo in today. Now he has been looking a bit shabby. He kind of was taking on the appearance of a four legged wookiee. So I took him to Dreamboat. According to his breeder they are the only ones who know how to cut a Welsh Terrier. I walk in and they all seemed to remember Bo-Hickett. It seems during his first haircut at 4 months old he bit the stylist. I told them that I didn't have any problems with him when he had his trim at PetsMart. Well they took my cell phone # and I waited for the call and listened to the radio just in case there was any reports of a mauling. I picked him up 4 hours later and the staff were all amazed at how good he was. The said he was like "a different dog". Thanks to my training skills. I assume I saved him from the Dog Whisperer. They did recommend more frequent hair appointments and charged me $5 more for the extensive make-over and hair disposal. The lo-cal Beneful dog food has caused him to lose 2 lbs. I didn't notice the weight loss that took place under his Chewbacca hair. So I was so happy that he really wasn't a Ted Bundy after all. I'm off to take him for a walk and introduce my new dog to the nieghbohood.


uf said...

I've got to admit, that dog is kinda cute.

Aunt Dot said...

That's one handsome Schnauzer -- I mean W. terrior....:-)

M- said...

What dog? I thought it was a Christmas dust mop.