Thursday, January 11, 2007

Where's Waldo

We just returned from Savannah GA. We ate at Paula Deen's Restaurant. I had the best southern fried chicken of my life. If I lived there it would be death by trans-fat. One has to make reservations early in the day , in person, for Paula's place. Then you line up with the rest of the salivating mob across the street and wait to have your name called. See if you can pick out CP in the crowd of eager connoisseurs. CP ordered the seafood platter which I captured on film. I went for the mountain of chicken and baby-back ribs on the buffet.

Seeing that Savannah was the only major southern city not burned to the ground during the War of Northern Aggression it is rich in history. We visited a cemetery. I took a picture of this headstone because after reading of all this great man's accomplishments I was amused at what a second billing his wife got. The marker must have been purchased by his family.


Aunt Annie said...

I think Savannah is the prettiest city I've ever been in.

Is that Waldo in the pajama pants?

Aunt Annie said...

Oh my! LOL. Those aren't pj's. I just zoomed in and see she's holding her GIANT purse in front of her pants. That purse is huge!


Aunt Dot said...

Good food makes an excursion even "funner":-)

Babba-Gi said...

Thats the Palm Beach look. Now it was after 5 pm so CP may have been in her P.J.s. That's the giant purse from "What Not To Wear". It's the favorite of all the seniors in the buffet line. This one holds 5 Lbs. of Southern Fried Chicken.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to see a pattern here......Frank & Dorothy vacation and Frank captures breakfasts on film, and now Dorian is snapping away at dinner. Is this a male thing?


Aunt Dot said...

It's a male creative thing. A thing of beauty. A photography hobby. A picture's worth a thousand words....while they're busy taking the shot, we're busy jabbering....:-)

Anonymous said...

That fish looks GREAT! Carol looks like the happiest one on the street! (Must be the purse.)

I unfortunately, remember a sadder side of Savannah while traveling for Schlegel's. Prior to I-95 being completed they detoured commuters through what seemed to be the poorest section of town. Rows and rows of absolutely run down shacks for buildings, many of which probably hadn't been painted in well over 50 years.

I'm glad you guys had such a wonderful time though. Thanks for the snaps. It helps erase my poor memory of a great southern city.