Saturday, October 06, 2007

Cinematically Challenged

I haven't been to a a regular movie theater since Easter. There has been a major quality film drought from Hollywood. I'll take a pass on the recent crop of anti-American flicks and the burp n' fart films that seem to be number one at the box office. I still go to the Fine Arts theater once in awhile to see an independent film. The last one I saw was "Death At A Funeral" and it was great. Laughed my head off.

Today CP wanted to go to a regular theater, so we went to see "The Brave One" with Jodie Foster. It's a remake of "Death Wish", the original vigilante movie starring Charles Bronson. We both check the time at the theater web site and drive to Hooterville to the new octoplex. We get there at 12:40 for the the 12:45 show and the parking lot is empty. I refused to believe the new theater went bankrupt, so CP got out to check the time and the movie really started at 1:45. We both looked at the correct time and then left an hour early. We couldn't blame BP because he just gets in the car and goes wherever, like a lemming.

After a trip to the library to waste an hour, we return to the cinema and get in line for tickets. I'm telling CP I bet there will be some senior citizen in front of us arguing for the senior discount during a matinée. We get to the window and neither of us can remember the title of the movie we came to see. We recalled it starred Jodie Foster, so the kid was able to look it up and tell us what we came to see. I go to get popcorn (the real reason I'm there) and realize it's a whole new crew of counter help. Different faces but the same vacuous expressions as the previous bunch I had last seen 5 months ago.

We enter the auditorium and there is one person there. In a millisecond I can tell she is a nut job. I'm waving BP further up the stairs to try to put at least 6 rows between us. The coming attractions haven't even started and she is talking to herself and has all her stuff spread out like she's at a picnic. Of course, she starts to talk to us even though we are 20 feet away. There are four people in the whole theater: three of us and the loonie. In comes a couple in their seventies, and what do they do? They sit right next to us. In Hooterville, even the simplest things like going to the movies is a barrel of laughs. That's why I'm holding off on the home theater. That, and also because I'm a CB.

The movie wasn't bad, three stars. I have to go to Blockbuster and get the original for CP. Next to going to the movies, seeing every version of the same movie is our favorite pastime.


Marianne said...

So, now YOU are the senior citizen who did the following to me: gets to the counter, cannot remember what movie he is seeing, and turns around and demands of ME what movie is it.

jondale said...

I was going to award you the "Most 'CBs' Used In A Post" award but then realized I was getting CB, CP and BP all confused!