Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our non-caged, free-range, locally grown, 100% recycled, eco- friendly, Al Gore endorsed Christmas Tree

This year we gave in and bought an artificial tree. Mainly I got one because CP's Christmas Party is Weds. and I can't seem to keep a real tree moist for more than 8 days. I drill holes in the bottom, I add aspirin to the water, I turn off the heat I've even tried starting an I.V. in one. Whatever I do The tree seem to turn into a potential fire-ball after a week in the house.

This tree is so bright with it's 300 l.e.d. lights it can be seen from outer space. It's like the sun went nova in our living room. I may have to get a rheostat to make it dimmer. This mass of blinding light uses about 25 watts of electricity from our clean-coal burning power plant. Best of all thanks to the Obama recession CP got it for 50% off. It was either 50% off or they would throw in a General Motors SUV.

That 23 lbs. of organic waste in the foreground is Bo. He is taking a break from eating the tree.


Aunt Dot said...


M- said...

ROFLOL. It's too early in the morning to be laughing like this.
I might send Hannah down for a spell. She's suffering from Rochester's lack of sun and could use some light therapy.

aannie said...

Nice tree...nice price.

Aren't you CB?I'm surprised you haven't always had a fake tree. you actually shelled out money for a real one every year?

Elizabeth said...

If I get lost on my way back to North Carolina, I'll just look for the Christmas tree glow hovering above Fletcher.

D said...

Looks like Bo is blinded by the Light! Nice Tree! HO! HO! HO!

Bo said...

Hey, I'm just the out-of-focus guy!