Monday, May 25, 2009

Quilt Contest

This is CP's quilt which I recently hung up in our living room. She used my favorite colors, red and black. It is beautiful.

This is my quilt, also red and black. I don't think I'll hang this one up.

This is a genuine Nazi flag. Like all things German the quality is top drawer. My mother's first husband brought this back from Germany. He was a Jew and was selected to be part of the liberation of the death camps. The flag is in very good shape. On V-E Day my mother brought the flag to the celebration at Times Square. There the flag was laid in the gutter for people to walk on. The age of fascism has faded, yet I can hold this souvenir in my hand and remember that sixty-four years ago over twenty millon people perished under this banner. No, this banner of death will go back in the safe. I prefer to hang up the sofa-size painting of the Dogs Playing Poker across from C.P.'s gorgeous quilt.


D- said...

I like the swastika Mary accidentally sewed into one of her masterpiece quilts. We've slept secure under it many years.

M- said...

Carol, this quilt is brilliant. It has such a sense of movement, especially the squares with dark backgrounds. You did fine. Babba, I am captivated by the story behind that flag. Between what it represented, and the word picture of it being stomped on, it's a true museum piece.