Tuesday, June 02, 2009


GM is dead! Obama can pump thirty billion a year into the corpse, but in the end all we will have is another Amtrak. We were a Chevy family. I had three cousins that were mechanics at Soundview Chevrolet in New Rochelle, N.Y. My first car was a 1953 Chevrolet Bel-Air. Later I inherited my father's 64 Chevrolet Impala. Then I owned a 73 Oldsmobile Delta 88, 94 Delta 88, a 98 Dodge Ram 1500 and now I drive a 93 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. I also had an array of foreign cars (Citroen, Fiat, V.W.,Toyota, Honda and Subaru). I think I lucked out because all the American cars I've owned have been good. I think I missed out on Detroit's true lemons. I had cousins at Chevy that warned me about the Corvair.

This is a sentinel event. The UAW, Environmental Socialists and loony Global Warming hysterics have killed the greatest company on Earth. GM isn't really dead; it's in a federally subsidized coma. I remember the skies over Gary Indiana lit up from United States Steel; I remember when this country made things.


D- said...

GM RIP-OFF is what the latter year models are. Cheaply made, over priced junk. No wonder they went “Obama” up! Leaky motors, bad transmissions, poor suspensions, internal and external hardware that just wouldn't hold up under normal wear and tear. With all these problems even die hard loyalists went to Toyota or another Japanese built vehicle. Sorry, GM and Chrysler needed to die off. If Ford doesn't wake up they're next.

Trouble is, the US military has contracts with these companies. Maybe "GO-bama Motors" will turn out to be like the Frankenstein monster. Parts resurrected from cadavers then infused with taxpayer money to make them come to life artificially.

Does anyone still have a Yugo?

Aunt Dot said...

No Yugo, but I think my sister had one at one time...

And..my sister's husband (ex) had a Corvair -- of course, I was a teenager when he had it. That thing was scary...or maybe it was his driving!

BTW: Has anybody said it? What in the heck is this country coming to?!!