Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cabin number four is not on the lake per se

Due to the crappy economy we are scaling back on our summer vacation cabin. No longer will we be getting the mini-mansion on the lake with a dock and four bedrooms. Instead we are getting this dog house made for giraffes. I still think it will be better than the fish camp at Misty Isles. Remember that stippled wall texture in the cottages on the Saint Lawrence? That was from all the swatted mosquitoes. All the other activities will be available and Babba will still do his morning group workshops in the Val Kilmer forest and lead his evening "Deliverance" canoe trips down the Tennessee River. Since accommodations are limited you should reserve the spare bedroom early.


Marianne said...

can david and i pitch a tent in the driveway?

Babba-Gi said...

We may get a bigger place if we can get firmer commitments. Aunt Mary would like this place because it's only 50 feet away from where she steals the newspaper.

Aunt Mary said...

There goes my morning walk.