Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This is the world's longest escalator. It's at the D.C. Metro's Rosslyn station. It was like descending into the Nether-World. It's like a hundred yards long, without any break in it. Agoraphobics must poop their pants on this thrill ride. Since the people are level and the angle of the escalator is close to 45 degrees, the riders look like teeth on some maniacal rip-saw. Since people in D.C. power walk everywhere, you better stand to the right because the left is the passing lane where Metro's race up and down for exercise.

I imagined this ominous chunnel as a conduit for all our tax money being tossed into the abyss.

All the money that we working stiffs throw into the chunnel ends up here, in Pelosi's sand-box. Last time I saw the Capitol in 1962 it wasn't as big. it didn't have those extensions on either side. I saw it before it was a Triple-Wide. I hear Nancy "only plays to a big room".

This is my contact in D.C. Here is Ben at the "Origins of Life" exhibit at the Smithsonian. I didn't see Ken Ham (aka Canned Ham in our family) anywhere. Ben is at a statue of Homo-Erectus-Liberalis. It seems that even five million years ago he already had his hand out.

Things I noticed about D.C.

Everyone power-walked
People weren't obese
Metro doors could break your arm
Two thirds of the people are young women
There is no sign of a recession
Everyone carries at least three electronic devices
Everyone eats out
The clubs and bars are full
There is a distinct shortage of "Babba-Types".
The panhandlers are amateurs compared to Asheville
The incidental male appeared either gay or metro
No one was talking to themselves
You could walk a mile without seeing a Wal-Mart
People still had money for Starbucks

Well Babba is back in Asheville, " were suit and tie meets tie-dyed".


D- said...

Ah... life inside the beltway...not your "normal" American citizen.

Aunt Dot said...

That "things I noticed in DC" list had me laughing out loud!