Friday, November 04, 2011

The Babba One "G" Network

This is my cell phone that I've had for five years. I'm sure it's a dinosaur but I get my calls nevertheless. I went with Ben to Verizon for his i-Phone with the 5G network and voice recognition that tells you you're fat when you pick up a doughnut. Now with SIRI formally IRIS allows you to stop talking to idiots all day long and just talk to your phone. It's sort of replaced the magic Eight Ball of the 60's. There's nothing as fulfilling as walking around with a hand held device that has more information than the New York Public Library.
Poor Babba, "One G", goes into the Verizon Store hoping to see some cell phones. The store is full of Droids, Blackberries, iPhones and Smart-Phones. Off in some dark corner marked bargain-bin are three primitive cell phones. The message is clear: if you only want a cell phone you must be some low-life Cretan that only needs a phone in case you break your hip on the way to the day-room.

Since I don't want a desk-top computer on my hip, or an eight pixel camera, or a GPS, or a talking friend, perhaps I should pick up a few Motorola W-385 cell phones before they are kept behind the counter and carried in brown paper bags.


M- said...

LOL. This is sooo funny, but nonetheless completely true!

I left Verizon, joined Cricket, and bought an old-person's phone. I am much calmer now.


UF said...

Babba, why stop there? Who needs a cell phone? Get a pager! You can have different codes for Mrs. Babba, like 101 means "I arrived safely." 102 means "I'm coming home now." 103 means "I'm hungry." 104 means, "I need to poop." You get the picture.

Babba Gi said...

So all I really need is a pager with
#'s 103 and 104. Actually I predate the pager. I remember the answering service (I'll be at this # for the next two hours). The problem with the pager was that you never knew whether the call was important or not. This meant you had to seek out a phone only to find out it wasn't important.

In Hawthorne Nevada one day I forgot my pager and there was an emergency at the hospital. Now I'm talking a town of two thousand people with one stoplight that had a pigeon nesting in it. When they called the house CP told them I was getting a haircut. The hospital called the Casino and they sent a hooker across the street to the barbershop to tell me I was needed at the hospital. Maybe I need a Six G hooker.

D- said...

LOL! Especially to your response to Frank!

I guess what the phone stores don't tell you is the whopper of a bill that comes in each month from the use of those news hand held info modules.

M- said...

*giggle* A 6-G hooker. You are too funny.

Marianne said...

Wait, wait, wait. Auntie Mary is on CRICKET? Wow, you guys are getting old.

Marianne said...

(says the girl with the free go phone).