Saturday, July 07, 2012

Friday Night in AVL

A brief rain put the tamper on the Drum Circle. There's nothing like a little rain to make those goat skins go out of tune. The rain didn't dampen the music of April Verch at the Altamont Theater Listening Room. It seems Canada exports talent along with it's snowmobiles and fudge. The talent that you see in AVL is amazing.


Aunt Mary said...

Oh my, Babba, did she tap for the crowd? That's pretty amazing.

Babba-Gi said...

She did her step dancing (flat foot dancing in the south). Amazingly she did it while playing. She had this green pokadot dress on, and a squeaky little speaking voice, and she was so witty and charming. She said the group bought a "WE-Fit" in order to stay in shape on the road, perhaps the guys need it. She was such a little dynamo I can't imagine her needing to work out.