Saturday, November 02, 2013

More Gin Pop?

Gin Raisins have been recommended by one of my students for my crippling arthritis.  This mountain cure consists of golden raisins soaked in gin for two weeks.  One takes nine of these raisins a day and in a few weeks one should be doing back bends.  Being that Obama has just filleted  my health insurance  I need to step up and take of myself.  Besides, the 82 year old lady who recommended this home remedy seems pretty fit.

In North Carolina liquor is sold in state run stores called ABC Stores.  I have seen these stores around, but thought they were an Office Supply chain.  I thought they were the southern Piggly Wiggly version of Staples.  So I asked CP where the nearest ABC store is and she told me it was about a mile from our house.  We go there and the counter guy says "hello Carol " as we walk in.  It seems that all the gourmet cooks have staked out a section of the store.  The Cooking Channel has been the best thing to hit the liquor store business since the invention of corn liquor.  I've been relatively sober since 1979 and I was amazed at the ambience and selections in this liquor boutique.  I'm more familiar with the privately owned liquor store with the shotgun under the counter and the Rottweiler sleeping in the corner.  
Well according to my friend, in a few weeks I should be ready to start yoga.  In the meantime I have to look for my Snaffler so I can open my jar of Gin Raisins.


M- said...

We'll be waiting for the results. I'll have the Kahuna pop 9 of them along with the multi and curcumin.

D- said...

Gin.... once you get by the have it "licked". :)