Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fifty Shades of Dumb

About three years ago when Fifty Shades Of Grey came out it was the the hottest thing in the Operating Room.  It was hotter than the autoclave.  The book was passed around in a brown paper bag according to a waiting list on the break room Fridge.  About this time I was in Murphy N.C. which is about a hundred miles west of Hooterville.  I was in a quaint artsy gift shop and I saw the actual book itself on the shelf.  Back in Asheville women were fighting over used copies so I thought maybe I should bring it back and toss it to the piranhas in the lounge.  While I was looking at it, an eighteen year old sales girl comes over and starts talking to me about it.  Being fifty five years status-post adolescence and having maybe two molecules of testosterone in my body I can't believe this teen is describing the book to me.  She actually had this glazed look on her face and I thought she was about to swoon.  I put the book down and told her I think my friend is on a waiting list for it. I just remembered this when I saw this Dave Barry article.

By the way, this week in the lounge I heard a nurse say "the second one is much better than the first"!

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Aunt Dot said...

Babba, I don't think anybody read this :-)