Thursday, October 20, 2005


Well, I went back to the doctor's today and my blood pressure is down to 128/78. I guess those pills must be working. I could make a commercial for Diovan. I'm sooo glad she didn't have to add a diuretic; no pee breaks in anesthesia. So far I haven't felt any side effects from the B/P pill except this third eye I'm growing on my forehead. My cholesterol was 260 and my ldl/hdl ratio was 5, so that is average. I told my 30 year old 9 1/2 month pregnant doctor, "those statin drugs scare the poop out of me" so I'm on a program of exercise, low fat diet, red yeast and flax seed oil. I'm happy to be average so I don't want to risk my liver to try to get some number the Zocor makers concocted to go down 5 points. Next week it's back to the retina specialists. I hope he just takes a look. That retinal angiography is like looking at an arc welder for 20 minutes. Hopefully after this I can return to my peaceful non-doctored life as a Christian Scientist.

The Censor's numbers are even better than mine. All that time at the Life-Aquatic Center is paying off. I'm back at the grind. It seems that since I'm back all my patients are at death's door. Every day this weekI have had to do class IV patients. That's pretty sick. Class V are in the act of dying and class VI are organ donors. Good thing I have 7 weeks vacation. Our next road trip is the week after Thanksgiving. We are not sure where we are going yet. Our latest trip logged 2,500 miles. 1,200 miles was with a dog with her head in my lap. Things are back to normal; Daisy the Doberman is back with Steve, Marianne got her pet deposit back and the tempur-pedic dog bed is in the mail on it's way to Laura's. I'm starting to laugh about it now after going through my usual 7 stages: denial, bargaining, anger, depression, acceptance, laughing, and blogging.


Marianne said...

Nice penguin, Babba!
I love the seven stages of acceptance!

Babba-Gi said...
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Anonymous said...

Welcome to the ranks of us in this family who have had a dr look us straight in the eye and say "diet and exercise." We're a rather nice group if I do say so. M-

Anonymous said...

Babba, if you refuse to go on statins, you're going to have to change the name of your blog to: "The Grinding Oatmeal Wheel"


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