Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Inn At Stafford Place

For all those who bailed out on the fall foilage Thanksgiving Bash: We at the Inn at Stafford want to invite you to any weekend of your choice. At Stafford every room has its own bathroom. We also offer 24 hour bootleg wireless hookups for all your business needs. As always a free continetal breakfast is included . All guests have the use of the finest automobiles .
We also offer 400 free pirated channels from our neighbor's dish network.


Anonymous said...

LOL at the picture of the continential breakfast with the banana missing from its peel!


Marianne said...

Someone asked me today why you have TWO honda elements and I said, "Well, we found we could get two of them in the driveway."
I love the "Garden of the Gnomes" in the second post!

Anonymous said...

yeah, right. you're just showing off your big-screen tv. M-