Saturday, December 03, 2005

Ho Ho Ho

No this isn't Christmas at the Biltmore Mansion. It's the sum of all my Christmas decorations. The snow man and Santa didn't make the trip from Maryland.

We went to a Christmas Extravaganza at the 3000 seat Biltmore Baptist Church. It was a production worthy of any strip casino in Vegas. The cast of actors was at least 500, plus they had a huge orchestra and choir. They had angels and elves suspended on tracks swirling around the church. The show was about an hour's worth of contemporary Christmas music and drama. This was followed by an hour and a half depiction of all the gospels. This included every miracle, parable and story complete in the King James English with a southern accent. Caiaphas sounded like Boss Hog. It went from complete Andy Williams Christmas Special to a Passion Play. It was Baptists at their best. Jesus hanging on the cross while angels with 12 foot robes swung around him on cables. There was some good drama and some fine singers but I wish I could have heard one Christmas Carol. There were tour buses bringing church groups from all over the south. It reminded me of the Mormon pageant at Palmyra NY.


Marianne said...

It's Mr. Penguini !!!
The only Italian-American (Italian-Antarctican?) penguin in the world!

Anonymous said...

I've got a better pic of Mr Penguini. I call it Dorian and the Nun. (Mr. Penguini is being tickeled by Dorian.)

Anonymous said...

"Caiaphas sounded like Boss Hog." LOL

Anonymous said...

"angels and elves suspended on tracks swirling around the church"

ha ha ha


Ben said...

I remember when he first unwrapped that penguin. There was so much joy in his eyes as he lifted it from the box. It was almost poetic.