Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Worst Ice-Storm Ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just to let everyone now we survived the worst ice storm since the one that left Canada in the dark for a month and spoiled all the beer. Actually I give it a 5 where we are. The brunt of the storm hit right below us in South Carolina. There are still people without power in about 1/3 of the area. We lost power and had to rely on our gas fire place and oil lamps. The power would go out for 4 hours and then come on for 30 minutes. Finally around 6 pm we got desperate and ventured out into this icy hell to drive the mile to our favorite Mexican Restaurant. It was touch an go for while; no cable, no internet, no DVD player. I went to work and did see some branches down and felt an icy patch under my wheels as I traversed an overpass. The streets were empty, as most people stayed home and gathered the family around the gas log and siped what they assumed to be their last drink of Evian. Our power came on about 7 pm that night so we were able to abort our plan to put the frozen food on the deck and go to bed with flashlight in hand. We were fortunate to still have our gas log and hot water. Reading by the oil lamp brought back memories of my early childhood when I lived on a farm in the Bronx.

The storm I guess was pretty bad in some areas. Some will be without power for weeks but I find comfort in it being described as the worst storm ever. The next day it was 46' F and sunny. There is a big cleanup from downed trees and power lines but it sure beats 51 inches of snow and the wind howling a gale in Garrett County. I expect G.W. to arrive any day and tour our ravaged region and start handing out money. After all the mall was closed for 3 hours; what could possibly be worse than that!


Anonymous said...

Living the high life!! Sure sounds like you guys have no regrets about moving south!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Babba--you have the wonderful gift of putting everything into perspective. M-