Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Emerald Slippers

After three trips to 'The Shoe Rack" I determined what the problem was. They only had two pairs of New Balance shoes in my size; 8 1/2 EEEE. One pair was all white (looked like my mom's shoes) the other was this glitterey pair of running shoes with reflective strips for those 4 am jogs. After many measurements and x-rays I determined I probably am an 8.5 EEE. Between all the local stores I visited I seem to be anywhere between a 7 1/2 and a 10. I was worried that like my Mom I may have 2 different size feet. She wears a 7 1/2 on the left and an 8 1/2 on the right. Now this may seem to be a problem, except she met a woman in the shoestore who is the exact opposite and they switch shoes at the mall.

Today we traveled to Discount Shoes in Asheville. This shoe store is as big as an airplane hanger. My size again limited me to about 6 selections. The prices weren't that great either. There was a pair of New Balance walking shoes that fit well but they were $120. The spirit of AA seized me and I fled the store. I found a web site with the lowest prices guaranteed and free shipping, even for returns. So I got the style you see here in 8 1/2 EEEE, which is what I wanted. I'm not going to fool anyone wearing running shoes. These shoes have an aggresive tread pattern that will keep me from slipping on the grease at the Chinese Buffet. Now I wonder how long it will take this web store to change its return policies after dealing with me. I remember a certain daughter who got the "kids eat free policy" changed to "kids pay half price" at the Chinese Buffet in Caribou, Maine.

Work is looking up. We are finally up to a full staff of seven. We hired 3 more females. The other male was on vacation so I became the "alpha male". I spent Fri. afternoon in the MRI. The noise is like being put in a steel drum with a hand-full of marbles and being rolled down a hill. But, I feel much better now that all my protons and electrons are aligned. I had a fella come for a colonoscopy (the dreaded one-eyed black snake) and his major complaint was excessive flatulence (gas). He said he got written-up at work for it. It seems his fellow office staff complained. I told him he could come work in my department; since excessive gas is a pre-requsite for the job. All I have to do to summon the Chief of Anesthesia to my room is fart and next thing you know she's standing right behind me. We have a workroom the size of a large closet and our tech is usually in there so we go in and let loose then duck out and sure as heck the Chief will walk in and she won't say anything but she just glares at him. It's almost to the point that we don't need the Walkie or our Cell Phones anymore. Just let go with a good " beer n egger" and she appears. I'ts just how we unwind from all the STRESS!

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D-55 said...

What's the name of the online shoe outlet you went to?

B-E-A-N-O relieves stress related activities.

Mary saw a robin and a cardinal today...