Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Fits Like A Glove

Well my shoes came, finally. They seemed a little long and narrow so I was going to exchange them for size 8. The box said 8 1/2 EEEE but the shoes in the box where 9 EE. I can't win. It's to the point that when I go to buy something I have Carol pick it off the shelf. If I pick it off the shelf it's missing a part or broken. Case in point; I got a $80 chrome kitchen trash can at Lowes when we lived in Oakland. Now Lowes was 6o miles away in Cumberland. There was a display can and then there was one left in a box on top of the racks. So I got the clerk to get the fork-lift and go up to the trusses and get me the one in the box. The box looked fine; it was sealed and undamaged. I got home and the can had a huge dent in it. I was so mad that the spirit of D-55 possessed me and I called up Lowes and had them bring a replacement to my front door the next time they had an appliance delivery in the area. Two years later the pedal on the chrome kitchen trash can broke. The spirit of Alvin Dale took possession of me and I called the company and they sent me a new improved stronger part for free.

Well, the lady at "Shoes For Little Fat Feet . com" was real apologetic about the mix up and is going to send me my 8 1/2 EEEE's direct from New Balance via Fed-EX at no extra charge. This time they will probably send me two shoes for same foot or a shoe with a big dent in it.


Marianne said...

In the (paraphrased) words of 29th Street, "Enough already with the shoes!"
Babba, you can't win. If you won, what would you blog about? And besides, when the trash can broke, it provided you with at least 9 hours of unbroken DIY pleasure: take the can apart, curse at the can, put it back together, find the part, call the company, track the part on the FedEx package tracker, take the can apart again, fix can, test the pedal several dozen times.
Can you really put a price on a project??

jondale said...

I would say that there is such a thing as leaving one's home for the purpose of accomplishing tasks that cannot be completed in said home. I laughed through this post but was absolutely amazed at the fact that, yes, the world should revolve around you.

And all this time my parents were wrong...at least when it applied to me.

Anonymous said...

Jon: I'm lost; what are you saying?

Babba: I feel bad for Carol. I know what the spirit of D-55 looks like--and it ain't pretty.


Aunt Annie said...

Alvin, are you drowning!

D-55 said...

Did you say JUNKYARD DOG???

Sick-em Babba-Gi Sick-em!!!!!

D-55 is giggling.....
Alvin is probably rejoicing!!