Thursday, May 31, 2007

Carolina sunshine

We are in the middle of a drought. Our grass is turning crunchy. We usually have a couple rainy days a week, so there are no sprinkler systems. Memorial Day I started using the a/c in the evening and I'm now using my "Sun Shield" in my Element ( it comes with a cautionary sticker to remind me to remove it before I drive). I should cut a 3 inch hole on the drivers side and drive around like Grandpa Joe in a blizzard.

MP's fixator has a problem. The adjustment to set the "toe in" has seized up. The factory rep is coming tomorrow to see if he can fix it. I was told not to try WD-40 on it. We are hoping that it won't require a return trip to Atlanta. At least the lengthening part is still working so every day we add 2 mm to the length. Her disappointment was soothed by a another prescription for Percocet. I think we may have grounds for lawsuit. The company Orthofix is based in Italy. Probably the same company that brought us the Fiat 850 Spyder.

I have decided to join the i-Pod generation. Mainly caused by incessant borrowing of CP's i-Pod Shuffle. I like to listen to Pod-Casts of Mark Levin, Drudge, Christian Apologist Ravi Zacharias and "The Car Guys". That should leave me room for about 450 songs. So now I'll be like everyone else walking around with my ear pods in, talking to myself.

I went to see the latest Zombie movie 28 Weeks. It was pretty good but still was too heavy on the gore and too light on the plot. There was about 10 people in the theater for the matinée. Me and 9 other cheap people. On the subject of Zombies, two seasoned citizens come in about 10 minutes late (they were probably arguing with the cashier for a senior discount during a matinée) and with a whole empty theater in front of them, they proceeded to sit right in front of another couple. What's up with that? One time this bunch of seniors came in and one of them sat completely down on CP's lap. We went to the cheapee dollar theatre last weekend. We all walk in and when the door closes it was as dark as a coal mine. We are fumbling around like four blind mice while CP is searching around for a flashlight in her purse. CP is yelling at me not to move into an aisle because I'll step on somebody. When she finally got her flashlight on the theater was empty. I haven't been anyplace that dark since I went inside Hoover Dam.



Aunt Dot said...

The "Zombie" movie experience sounds very scary and eerie. Didja think that maybe the rapture had taken place?

Aunt Annie said...

LOL, Babba you can't be any funnier sometimes.