Monday, May 07, 2007

Napolean, give me some of your tots!

I was vacuuming out Ben's pimped-out ride . Under the front driver's seat I abruptly lost suction. Thinking I may have caught a candy wrapper or underwear I withdrew my wand and out came this tater tot. It was well preserved and the crunchiest tot I ever ate. I felt it must have been there at least 2 months. This is yet another reason to dump your tots on the floor while you're making those long trips to Dixie. If you are caught in a freak Easter blizzard these tots can sustain you. On the passenger side of the car (MP's side) I recovered a bobby pin' a Blow-Pop and a dried out eye-liner. There was none of the telltale glitter that pervades her Subaru. I also finally cleaned up the latte that was spilled on the seat a few years ago. The Subaru returns home next week. I'll have to rent a haz-mat suit for that job.



Marianne said...

My car has a funny smell. I think it's still damp inside from all the melted snow.
AND, I was convinced on Sunday that the passenger side window was BROKEN. It wouldn't go down. I thought, "Oh, crap! Now I have to get THAT fixed. Geez..."
Then I noticed none of the other windows would go down....Oh, I had hit the window-lock button....

Babba-Gi said...

Any car that devotes 32 pages on how to operate the key-less entry is too complicated for me. Just give me a 94 Grande Marquis any day.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure if you wait another week, he might just give it to you. M-

Anonymous said...

I'm getting pretty tired of looking at that tater tot.