Friday, June 29, 2007

Wasting Away in Margaritaville

I just returned from 10 days in the 1000 Islands. The fishing was good with me getting a couple of Large Mouth Bass over 5 lb.s. CP and I canoed mostly the small lakes and rivers . The 30 km/hr prevailing SW wind would have taken us to Montreal in the canoe if we were on the Saint Lawrence River. The lodge, like most of Ontario we saw, was real quiet. With the even exchange rate and the new policy of not refunding the 15% GST at the border one has to be a masochist to shop there. The locals say it hasn't recovered since 9/11 and with 94 cents per litre of gasoline boat traffic is non-existent.

We returned early on Friday for a rehearsal dinner party for my cousin's Saturday wedding in Asheville. We usually travel on the weekend and miss the I-81 truck traffic. It was like a 900 mile convoy. Tonight is the wedding and I get to wear my $500 outfit. I will probably need a Coors Light to get the courage to step outside my front door. CP knew more people from the Rochester area at the party than I did being a relative of the groom.

Bo gained about 2 pounds at the kennel. He is in a depression over not winning the Pick-My-Pet contest. He wants to thank everyone that voted for him and he realizes the fix was in and that the Yorkie that won is just a local hack.


Aunt Dot said...

Dorian, you're hilarious!! $500.00 outfit...CP knows how to pick 'em!!

Anonymous said...

I did the Men's Warehouse. "You'll like the way you look" doesn't make up for the ache in the wallet. We left and got a better deal at Burlington Coat Factory (more appealing to my wallet).
We just got your pics and you do look pretty good in the new duds. Did CP have to get a couple of Margaritas for you to settle you down?