Monday, June 04, 2007

We Finally Got The Dog We Wanted

Saturday I noticed that Bo's left ear was red and swollen. Instead of feeling thin and floppy, it was thick like a veal cutlet. I thought perhaps he was bit by a spider or had malassezia otittis externa.

Today CP took him to the vet and it seems he has sinus problems. A dog with hay fever. He fits in perfectly with all the rest of the hypochondriacs here. What's next, acid reflux, carpal tunnel, TMJ and migraine head aches. Well he got a shot of a long acting steroid and has ear drops and Vistaril tablets. The Vistaril (antihistamine) is knocking him out. At least for $106 it cost at the vet we have a calm dog.

Remember to vote for Bo at He is one of the 12 finalist in the pick my pet contest at our local radio station. The pictures in the contest were taken before he had Dumbo ears.



Marianne said...

Babba rocks!

Anonymous said...

In your line of work, I would think Bo would have already been on some sort of mild sedatives.


Marianne said...

Come on, CB! New post!