Monday, September 10, 2007

CP's new Secret Weapon

This innocent looking device is CP's latest weapon in her arsenal to stave off arguments. It's is a hand held , voice actuated digital recorder. Now when I say something to myself CP will have the digital proof that I really didn't tell her anything. Everything I now say or don't say to Mrs. TIVO will be available for play back. When Mrs. TIVO wants to repeat something mentioned in confidence she can repeat verbatim what you confided in her to that person. Now MP, BP and I have have all been TIVO'd by CP so we are really frightened by this new technology. Like other forms of surveillance there is a flip side. I may be able to vindicate myself . Like when Carol and I are lost driving and I ask her "do I turn right or left" and she responds "yes" I'll have the digital proof that she is trying to drive me nuts. I wish I had this device the time we got lost in Asheville and got off the wrong exit four times. CP said she got it to record sermons , bible studies and the lines in her play. I might be paranoid; but I think I see a mini-cam in the smoke alarm.


Anonymous said...

LOL!! Go, Carol, go! M-

marianne said...

I just fell off my spinning desk chair while laughing!!!!!
Oh no! Tivo has new technology!