Monday, September 03, 2007

Facing The Giants

Ranked as one of the top ten upsets in collegian football history, Appalachian State College in Boone N.C. defeated Michigan. Although the game was played in Michigan the loyal ASU fans tore down their own goal posts and carried it through the streets of Boone in a sign reminiscent of a South American coup. The Alumni Association has already scheduled a Krispy-Kreme bake sale to repair the field. As its punishment Michigan should have to play next year's game in Boone N.C. Now Boone probably has a total of 120 motel rooms, so this will tax the sleepy little town more than the Moonshine Festival, the Tractor Pull and D.N.A. Day. As in the movie "Facing The Giants" App State was looked upon by Michigan as "little dogs". Someone enlightened me to the reason for App State's remarkable showing. It seem that most of their star players have been on the team for five plus years, and some stay on for seven. This gives the team time to develop cohesiveness. The team is not being constantly diluted by a stream of new recruits. The school spirit is so great that many of the best players don't mind waiting to join the NFL. Besides a few last minute wind shifts I think Appalachian State was spurred on to victory by the school spirit demonstrated in the this recruitment video.

On a sadder note Notre Dame was annihilated by Georgia Tech . They should take a lesson from App State's play book. Notre Dame has to stop graduating their star players so fast.


jondale said...

If you look in the dictionary under the word "painful" you see a picture of that recruitment video.

AAnnie said...

And you all made fun of how unbelievable Facing the Giants seemed.

jondale said...

Oh it is, that goes without saying. This video, however, is quite real and is intended to attract students, not entertain.

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