Monday, January 26, 2009

A shout-out to my peeps in New York

It's about time you New Yorkers got fed up!


goober said...

They shoulda gone to Albany and dumped the pop there. Of course if they were really smart they'd leave the state!

Abbie G said...

but diet soda is JUST AS BAD FOR YOU! GAH!!!!!!!!!

what next? getting charged for being fat? being charged for buying munchies?! that's the next step! If I'd a known they were doing this protest, I'd've gone - and it's COLD here this week!

As they say in New Hampsha, Live Free or Die!

D said...

WHAM's Bob Lonsberry has a better idea. Buy your favorite soda pop, enjoy every last bit of it, then crush the cans and send them to Governor David. After that, send the next case of crushed cans from your deliciously enjoyed soda pop, to every representative in the NY legislature. The idea is to keep it up until they change the stupid decree. A polite letter of protest should accompany every delivery.