Friday, February 06, 2009

I'm Cracking Up!

I was standing in Out Patient Surgery interviewing a patient when a nurse came up to me and pointed out that my scrub pants had fallen down. I had an extra pair of large pants over my medium pants because I had to go out in the freezing rain to the MRI truck. Well I was embarrassed but then I realized the it was the second pair of scrubs that prevented me from noticing the sudden temperature change.

Today I walked out of work and called CP to tell her I was on my way home. While walking across the parking lot I did my inventory "wallet, glasses, cell phone, pants". I felt the empty cell phone holster and told CP "%&#@, I forgot my cell phone!" I thought now I have to walk back to the O.R. Then I realized I was talking on it.

I would crack up if I didn't go to work. Between the patients and my co-workers I just can't find this level of entertainment anywhere else. Just today a patient woke up and told me I looked like a movie actor. It took her a minute to remember who the famous actor was, then she blurted out "Al Cappucino". At that momentI knew I wasn't cracking up, I was at work.


M- said...

LOL. I've done the cell phone thing.

You were the topic of conversation between me and 2 nurses the other day. They were telling me okay gossiping) about the wife of the patient on the other side of the curtain--she kept poking her head in other patient's areas to strike up conversations. But their eyes got wide as I told them about your dilemma on needle size for 400 lb pregnant women.

laura said...

steven spielberg doesnt look much like al cant look like everyone ya know....

D- said...

Rx for the over worked stressed out medical worker:

Take two Obamas and call the Republicans in the morning.