Saturday, July 04, 2009

Co-Dependence Day

Usually on the Fourth of July I like to stand on my deck and fire off a couple of magazines through my Mini-14. This holiday I'll have to tone it down a bit. Since Obama emerged as the leading candidate the ammunition supply has dried up for ordinary citizens. I'm sure the Police and the Brown Shirts have all they desire. I thought, "Well, I'll go back to reloading." Wrong. All the dies for handgun cartridges are back-ordered and primers can't be found anywhere at any price. I usually shoot antique rifles (more than 100 years old) and have a lifetime supply of old military dies, bullets and cartridges. Wouldn't I look foolish walking through downtown Manhattan with a Martini Henry rifle from the Boer War strapped over my shoulder?

This is not your usual red-neck yahoo talk. I like to shoot like others enjoy golf. Are golfers having problems finding their favorite Tiltleist Pro V1 golf balls? I'm waiting to see how long this shortage lasts. I know there is a lot of hoarding going on since the country elected its first Kenyan Black Nationalist President, but the normal market forces should react to the shortage in a year. The increase in the price of ammunition makes the gasoline price increase look small. Defense rounds now cost about three dollars a round. Next time you're mugged you have to ask yourself if it's cheaper to hand over your watch or waste a bullet.

If the current shortage continues for another year I'll have to make a trip out to Nevada. There, on the family homestead, I have buried four PVC pipes full of ammo left over from the Clinton era. All those people that invested in gold should have put their money in handgun ammunition; its value has increased 200%. There is no reason for gun control if the government can control the ammunition and its components.

This year to celebrate the 4th I'm going to cast some lead bullets from wheel weights that the Midas guy saves for me. If you inhale enough lead vapor you can become stupid enough not to realize what's happening.


u.f. said...

This post belongs in the Babba hall of fame.

Happy Independence Day, Babba.

Aunt Dot said...

Ditto...this post left me literally speechless...:-)

"Let liberty ring..."

AAnnie said...


D- said...

I think fear is the biggest problem Babba. As soon as the gun shops or even Walmart gets a shipment, in someone comes along and buys the entire shipment. Hoarding is the name of this game ever since the Socialists got elected.