Sunday, July 19, 2009

Some Rob You With A Six-Gun; Others With A Fountain Pen

CP was down at our Congressman's office to join the protest against the state sponsored takeover of the the nation's health care industry. It was exciting to see CP on camera during the local news along with the other right wing yahoos. WLOS couldn't just report on the protest, they felt the need to put in a scripted human interest story to divert attention from the true meaning of the protest.

The Minnick's took early retirement and moved to Mexico to retire in third world luxury. Nobody goes to Mexico for the medical care unless you want a boob-job. While down in sunny Mexico two things happened. First the U.S. economy collapsed and second, drug wars broke out threatening the security of the new Yankee immigrants. These reverse wet-backs are in much better shape than others trying to survive this recession.

I was so moved by their story that I sent the TV station a dollar to pass on to the Minnick's to help with the high cost of health insurance and their dwindling 401K. Perhaps if enough people join me in this fundraiser we can get them a ticket back to Mexico. We all know Mexican health care is the best in the world. As I write this thousands of Gringo's are wading across the Rio Grande to get their MRI's and liver transplants.


M- said...

Babba: It is astonishing to me that the tv station, let alone the viewers that were sucked in to this couple's pseudo crisis, presented this as bad. They moved back to the USA, where they can get work enough to continue living in the home that was taped. Sell the house! Take the quarter-million dollar profit, augment your holdings, and thank God for the luxury you live in!

D- said...

With that TV affiliate, it wouldn't matter if the protesters all stood on their heads or removed all their clothing to get attention. ABC is not about to side with those who actually think and reason things out.
They're driven by the Socialist branch and wouldn't broadcast the truth if it were offered to them on a silver platter.
The love affair with the Leftist Government will last only as long as they are free to broadcast it. When that right is removed, it will be too late. USSA (United Socialist States of America) will own them too. Nice Article!

jondale said...
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jondale said...

This yahoo's gripe that everyone should have the right to buy health insurance is ridiculous. Everyone DOES have the right to buy health insurance. ABC never said what the wife's pre-existing condition is. And who can afford to live in a foreign country while owning their own home back in the States? And did they not have health insurance while living in Mexico? Come on, this is just crazy. Weed out one problem at a time starting with putting an end to malpractice lawsuits filed by the same people who complain that medical service costs are skyrocketing.