Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Fun Suckers

The feminists grabbed our women,
The liberals banned our guns,
The health cops snuffed our cigarettes,
The bailout has our funds,
The laws of Breathalyzing
Put an end to our roadside bars,
Circle the Fords and Chevys, boys,

P. J. O'Rourke

Another $ 2,ooo,ooo,ooo for cash for clunkers. Another band-aid solution that just moves the problem down the line six months. What other industry needs stimulation? How about cash for old homes, cash for refrigerators, cash for air conditioners or cash for guns. The gun industry is the only one that is prospering today, but they still bring out this gun-buy-back canard every few years for a photo op.

It all started with seat belt laws. Helmet laws came next, followed by state inspections emissions testing etc. I am amazed that motorcycles haven't been banned along with buttered popcorn and chain saws. The average step ladder comes with 4 warning stickers and one of them says don't stand on ladder. You should always use safety goggles while clipping your toenails and don't use this toaster in the bathtub. The radio station reminds us to wear a coat if it's ten below zero, coffee is hot, ice cream is cold and slow down driving in snow. The result of all this lunacy is that we have a generation of people that are really "too stupid to live". All this has the effect of fostering dependency and passivity. Before we euthanize our auto industry through regulation let us not forget what the American automobile industry did for American prosperity.


David DiQuattro said...

"Coffee is hot, ice cream is cold" - LOL!

jondale said...
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jondale said...

It's sad how no matter well formed the idea or well spoken the speaker, nothing can stand up to the new opiate of the masses, Politics.

D- said...

How much for Freddy Flintstone's auto? One stipulation, it must come equipped with a Barney Rubble super charger!