Friday, September 18, 2009

Body Dysmorphia Can Have Its Good Points

At my sister's house our bedroom had one of those room length sliding door mirrors. This panoramic mirror also takes about 20 lbs off your body by just standing in front of it. What a cheap and easy way to lose weight and lighten your mood. Really, reality is overrated.

My sister also has a 72 inch wide screen TV in the den. Her TV makes everyone look six inches shorter and 40 lbs. heavier. This is especially true when the people move toward the outer edges of the screen. Along the edges, all the characters start to look like Danny DiVito. I'm sure somewhere in the thousand page manual that comes in thirty-two languages is a note on which button to push to get a picture that is in proportion.

Another thing about Las Vegas was that it was sunny with clear skies.

Tuesday we returned to N.C. to face another six days of clouds and rain. Quick, I need that TV and mirror to lighten my mood.


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I was just wondering if you could set the fun house mirror up so it would balance out the distorted TV, and watch the "boob tube" via the mirror? The mirror would be a cheap fix for the distortion.