Sunday, September 27, 2009

In 76 The Sky Was Red

What Is He Afraid Of?

He is not afraid of Obama. Obama hasn't met a dictator he doesn't like. Netanyahu, might give him some pause. Actually, the "only thing that the Iranian government has to fear is its own people".

This is the face of hope in the Mideast: the Iranian people. It sure isn't the carnival of souls that met at the G-20. The West isn't going to do what it takes. They are afraid the price of oil will go to $400 a barrel. Poor Israel, it is like the old story about the pig and the hen. Israel is like the pig and the West is like the hen. The farmer calls them both into the kitchen and says he wants "Ham n Eggs" for breakfast. The hen lays two eggs and walks out while the pig is left standing there. The West risks $400 a barrel oil, while Israel faces annihilation. The average Americans response as it sits around its dinner table to a news report that Israel was nuked would be "pass the potatoes please".

Of course we can count on Russia to help out. They only supply the weapons that are killing our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. But we have an antisemitic Marxist President who views the democracy movement in Iran with the same jaundiced eye that observes 200,000 protesters on the Capitol Mall. You can see how he would be conflicted.

During the Civil War (War Of Northern Aggression) when General Lee rode through a Northern village a woman was overheard to say, "Why can't he be ours?" That's how I feel about Bebe Netanyahu. He was the only leader to expose the U.N. for the sham it is. On the other hand, Obama gave a performance not worthy of a High School Mock U.N. Can you imagine if we had a leader that was for us as Netanyahu is for Israel? Take a look at our other ally in the Mideast, the Iranian people. One way or another the sky will soon be red over Iran.


M- said...

I completely concur.
For the first time in my adult life, I am embarrassed by my country.
Have we no shame?

goober said...

Democracies average 200 years. America's ended with the War of Northern Aggression. The empty, cracking shell we've been living in the last 150 years is finally falling to pieces. Insanity is the only reason we currently don't have a minimum of 50 independent countries within our border.

D- said...

Are we about to see Ezekiel 38 and 39 lived out before our eyes? Even so come Lord Jesus!