Friday, January 01, 2010

2009 in Review

A great year:
10% unemployment
3 trillion in new debt.
5% inflation
10% drop in real estate value
crude oil $80 a barrel
3 terrorists attacks
2 U.S. automakers moribund
U.S. dollar approaching the peso
stimulus package creates 10 jobs
federal jobs increase
private sector jobs decrease
Olympics in Rio
ammunition scarce
medicare gutted
abortion federally funded
racial divide widens
policemen assassinated
jails emptied
congress for sale
president a Marxist
director of homeland security a moron
treasury secretary a tax cheat
unlimited bailout for fannie and freddy
borders wide open
supreme court justice a racist
mullahs with nukes
swine flu hoax
taxes on tanning beds
government owning banks
global warming blizzards
speech replaced by texting
language replaced by Twitter
life replaced by Wii

That's all I can think of offhand.


D- said...

Even so...... Come Lord Jesus!

annie said...

Personally, 2009 was much better than 2008.

Each year, I try to put a little less faith in government to solve any problems.

So glad we are part of another Kingdom.