Saturday, January 09, 2010

Show Us Your Guns!

Has 10% unemployment, three dollar gas, and arctic temperatures got you down, Spunky? Do what I do; go to a gun show. For seven dollars you can have your faith in America renewed.

I showed up at 9 am and the line to get in was 200 yards long. It was eight degrees and the wind was a nasty 10 mph. So we all lined up and huddled together like an Obama bread line. We looked like a rag-tag militia of armed Americans carrying everything from black rifles to Boer War Martini-Henry's.

When I got close to the door a handicapped vehicle pulled up with Vietnam Veteran plates. Two old guys got out (one was blind and the other walked with a cane). They looked at the line stretching half way to Terre Haught. I said to them "you get in line right here, no veteran is walking to the back of the line today". We finally made it to the doorway and felt the wonderful heat. The line moved slowly because everyone had to unload their firearms and have the actions banded. I really appreciated that because in a crowded place it's hard not to point a gun at someone.

I lucked out and found some powder I was looking for and some brass. I saw some old Enfields and Mausers I might have paid a hundred bucks for ten years ago going for four hundred dollars. I even saw my father's old 32 Smith and Wesson. Last time I saw that gun was when it went flying out the window because the cops were called to our door over a domestic argument.

It was better than a gram of Prozac. It was like the antidote for watching C-Span. I'm reminded of what CP says "no matter what happens in Washington our military is not going to turn their guns on us." I saw that today, as through a glass darkly.


M- said...

I believe you might be right about that, Babba.

Annie said...

and you probably felt safer

D- said...

Just a reminder, the US military is still answerable to the "Commander in chief". Frightening as it may seem, court martialing
still happens to those who disobey.

D- said...

I finally heard a more accurate unemployment figure from the liberal press recently which is more to the tune of 17.8 percent unemployed. Many have just plain given up looking.