Monday, February 08, 2010

Kids Know Better

Carol really stepped in it at Sunday School.
The class has been trying to decide whether to continue the $150 per month support of a campus missionary. The young lady (who had grown up in this church) had just graduated college and wanted to work for a campus ministry doing their graphic design. After her presentation to the class, we agreed to sponsor her for a year. She promised to keep us updated on the ministry. The year is up, and now the class has to reconsider supporting her or a young missionary leaving for Iraq. Last week it was discussed and some felt we should end our support for the college girl because we haven't heard from her for awhile and when someone checked her blog it had been shut down. This week the topic comes up again and voila! a letter had shown up describing how she talked to a student who talked to another student about Jesus. Carol and I were not impressed with this take-off on the "even if only one soul gets saved argument". However, some in the class were moved by the note she wrote to us. Meanwhile, Carol and I are thinking to ourselves:

Why doesn't she just do this in her spare time?
The girl in Iraq seems more serious.
Could this be something she's doing till she finds a husband etc

I'm thinking we really need a secret ballot for this issue, especially since some of the non-supporters from the week before are absent. There was an awkward silence, but then it happened, Carol spoke out and said, "I think we agreed to support the college missionary for a year but now we should end it and support the Iraq girl". Now I'm sitting there stifling a giggle like Schwartz sitting behind Ralphie. There was another pause as I waited for the class to start calling for Barabbas, but the crowd didn't recognize their cue. Then a classmate, in true Christian goofiness came up with a plan to split the $150 class missionary budget between the college student that talked to a girl that talked to a girl about Jesus and the girl who is risking her life in Iraq.

As soon as we left I cracked up and Carol started fuming. It was sort of like the wedding where Carol was part of the talent show and everyone else bowed out. Like Ralphie says "It's always better to keep your mouth shut".


David DiQuattro said...

Also hilarious. These last two posts are gold.

Aunt Annie said...

Hey, I remember that talent show! Ha ha!