Saturday, February 13, 2010

Morris Broadband is a Rip Off

About 6 months ago our cable company went belly-up. It was replaced by "Morris Broadband" which I affectionately refer to as "Boob-Band" (BB). With great fanfare BB was introduced to the public. We were assured of a smooth transition, better more professional service.

The transition was anything but smooth. I had to get a new e-mail address and the instructions on how to access the new server was contained in the first new email message. If I could access the new mailbox I wouldn't need instructions on how to access the new one. This new server couldn't transfer my address book or automatically contact everyone with my new address. The service was horrible. When I was on call the phone went out. If the wind was more than a breeze the Internet went out and the cable picture had all the quality of a library DVD. Any complaint was listened to courteously (I am in the south) but nothing was ever resolved. It seems that there were more BB vans on our street than personal vehicles.

After notifying a few hundred people of my new address, I settled into the poor service. Then they started taking away the few channels I watched and filling their menu with infomercials. TV, Internet, and phone all for $90/month. Then one month the price jumped to $143 and the following month it went up to $174. This unannounced price led me to consider the drastic move of finding a new company and changing my e-mail address again.

I signed up for ATT and Direct TV. However, Boob-Band wasn't going to make the change easy. When they took over they installed locked boxes in the neighborhood and they were supposed to give the property manager the key. Of course they didn't and to get the BB guy to come out and unlock the the box for the Direct TV guy was like trying to arrange a meeting between George Bush and Bin Laden. The BB guy came and turned off his cable and hesitatingly left our wires out for the dish guy. The dish guy had to put up a separate dish just for us because he couldn't get into the locked box. So Morris Broadband is like the "Roach Motel" of cable companies. The side of our house looks like a NORAD base with two Direct TV dishes and one HD dish. The property manager is going to drill the locks off all the boxes if BB doesn't have a key in their office in a week. What a mess, Carol probably spent 10 hours trying to extricate us from this terrible cable company


David DiQuattro said...

So they substitute clever bureaucratic tricks and mystifying rhetoric for competence and service? Sounds a lot like the US government.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree that morris is a rip off. I was just told that unless my internet is off for 24 hrs straight that they would not credit my bill. I have logged outages everyday several times a day. Where do I sign up for a lawsuit?
My bill has tripled!!

Anonymous said...

I dont think that you guys know a lot about television companies and how they operate. It doesn't matter if you have a dish or cable you start off on a promotional rate and then your rate increases after x amount of months. This is with all companies and at full price they are all about the same. I also know that cable companies have policies that are FCC mandated that they follow for crediting, so I'm sure if they are breaking the law you could find out...however why don't you have them send a tech out to fix the problem rather than ask for credit?

Anonymous said...

It really is a sorry company. I travel a lot and their quality is lacking. Their technology is about 10 years behind other companies around here.

Anonymous said...

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