Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kiss My Ash Global Warmers

I just love Mother Nature. Just when you hear about the fun-suckers trying to ban charcoal grills and leaf blowers the Earth passes some flatus and shuts down all air traffic to Europe. Do you think cash-for-clunkers will make up for this glacial volcanic eruption? How many coal-fired power plants can you fit in in Mount Pinatubo?

Speaking of disasters, what's up with the History Channel? It's bad enough that it's no longer 24/7 Nazi's but now the programs are more about the people making the programs than the subject. I tuned in to a show called "Wrecks of the Great Lakes". It turned out to be a show about overweight college kids diving on old wrecks and complaining about how cold the water is. They had a show about a hydrogen bomb that was was dropped into the ocean a few miles off Tybee Island, Georgia. Most of the show was about a guy who dips his little sand shovel all over looking for radioactive sand. Another great series is "Earth After Man". This program is ten hours of computer generated pictures of how the Earth will revert to its pristine condition while everything that man has made rots away. The other day I was wondering what the Bronx would look like a hundred years after mankind disappeared; it looked the same to me. My favorite prophecy show is Nostradamus. This guy is and his quatrains can't predict anything. He'll say something like "a yellow river will flow through a narrow valley and the great nations will tremble". This is suppose to be a prophecy about the "Tet Offensive" but to me it sounds more like a bowel prep.

I really miss "Ice Road Truckers". Perhaps they are just running out of exciting jobs to show us. Soon I expect to see "Door Men Of Park Avenue" or "Toll Collectors of the Thruway" etc. Yes, when I think of exciting jobs I think of Pawn Shop Workers and Produce Managers. It seems they are always find new Nazi footage, stuff shot by Hitler's pool boy. Whatever, it is still more interesting than "Earth After Man".

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Marianne said...

Babba's late night t.v. viewing, boiled down to just the purely hilarious bits=great read