Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One Easy Payment

We went to see our financial planner again. Two weeks ago we were 10% away from retirement, now we are 20% away from our goal. We also looked into Long Term Care Insurance. CP and I can get a good policy that covers everything til we're 91. All this for one easy payment of $119,000. The day that I write a $119,000 check for an insurance premium is the day I have a stroke and end up in a nursing home.

Speaking of long term care. This heat is getting to Bo. He spends hours paw-up under the ceiling fan. I bet he's not thinking of Long Term Care Insurance and protecting his assets, especially since his assets right under the fan.


M- said...

We sat with our Planner this week. It seems that word is out that ITT is breaking in to 3 separate companies; their pension will be affected for current employees. While he's not saying Dick's pension is in trouble, he's warning to find out NOW if ITT's plan affects his pension, as that will alter our strategy. Our strategy all along has been to get as much of it out of there as possible. But me thinks no matter how well one plans, the future will always remain in God's Hands. "A man's heart plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps."

D- said...

Looks like Bo needs a shower. That will cool you both down. He'll be wet and so will you after Bo shakes the water off. :)