Saturday, December 03, 2011

Shower Faucet Part Deux

All week I waited patiently until Sat. came to replace the mixing valve in our bedroom shower. Since I couldn't isolate the shower from the rest of the plumbing it was stressful.

What I did right:
1) bought the right part (thank you, Amazon)
2) used plumber's grease
3) turned off the water
4) didn't break a pipe in the wall
5) didn't once mention "your sister's rear end"

What I did wrong:
1) installed the valve a hundred and eighty degrees off
2) didn't once mention "your sister's rear end"

I put it in and looked for leaks and turned it on; it seemed fine. I brought CP in to see it. When one drop fell from the shower head, she said "It still leaks." I explained to CP how with the double shower head and my heated shower mirror one could expect a single drop of water after it's turned off. Then I turned it on full and waited for the hot water that never came. After considering all the possibilities and remembering which plumber I wanted, I realized that the valve was in upside down. I could have gone back to my Polish roots and just left it like that; eventually we would have gotten used to the HOT coming on first and then the COLD. However, I reluctantly did the job over again and now it operates the same as all the showers in the Northern Hemisphere. The final touch was to remove the safety stop that keeps the water from getting hot enough to burn little Johnny's bottom. In a year from now I'll know exactly what to do when the other bathroom bath faucet starts to leak.

Hey! Who's that guy having an "experience" in my shower?


Aunt Annie said...

Please explain the part about my rear end.

Babba Gi said...

Ask CP or maybe Kahuna.

D- said...

I know nothing!