Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year from Siri

Babba's New Year's Resolutions:

Become an off the grid, Prius driving, medicinal marijuana growing, trans-fat free, free-range, non caged Ron Paul supporter.

Speaking of my 2012 revolt against technology, how about this kids iPhone that told him where to go. I have to purchase some droid named Siri to tell me the same thing I hear at work everyday.

The average American family's net worth decreased $127,000.

Cheer up, things are not all lost; this fellow will be picking the Republican presidential nominee.


D- .... Go Ron Paul! said...

That last picture gives me the creeps! Its like having Obama-2 He's a flaming Socialist-Republican. Does Nelson Rockefeller ring any bells with you older former New Yorker State residents?

Babba Gi said...

Last time I commented on Romney I was kicked off of "American Sphincter".

I'd rather have a Muslim than someone who believes God was begotten on the planet Kolob and that the Garden of Eden is in Missouri.

It's not a primary, it's the "Carnival Of Souls"!