Sunday, February 05, 2012

Is She The Best We Have?

Madonna is doing the Super Bowl half-time show; I can't wait to see this has-been. She was the first MTV synthesized star. She can't sing, but she can jump around in her underwear. With the aid of pyrotechnics and computer enhanced vocals she manages to raise her talent level to that of the drunk aunt at the wedding.

The last thirty years haven't been too good to the old gal. At her botox-best she looks like a centerfold from Meth-Lab Monthly. I remember seeing Keith Richards doing a stage dive in Detroit in 2006; he had to help himself up with both hands. Can't we have someone who has had a hit in the last twenty years?

Maybe they are catering to their audience, those people getting their AARP applications this week. Hopefully Boniva will keep her from breaking a hip.

Why don't they just have the Armed Forces Bands perform? I would settle for the Royal Dragoons doing Scotland The Brave on bagpipes.

Why not some new talent, like Siobhan Magnus; someone born after the Korean War, someone who can actually sing.

I'm hoping that when I leave my Super Bowl party at halftime and drive home Madonna will be done wowing the nation. I'm also hoping the children will be spared a wardrobe-malfunction that will give them nightmares.

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Aunt Dot said...

Let's put it this way, I was doing a few dishes during half-time (from the kitchen which has a view to the HD tv in the living room). I didn't feel any need to sit down and watch it; that's for sure.