Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Latest Reads

I started the biography of Bonhoeffer, but after a hundred pages I gave up. It was just too detailed for me. It seems I'm more partial to memoirs than all inclusive academic biographies. CP managed to finish it with a good degree of skimming.

Right now I,m reading "Lost In Shangri-La". It's about people stranded after a plane crash in New Guinea during WW II. It seems to be a great book so far and it has great reviews, the question I have is this: how did it get on the shelf at my local branch library.

"Salvation On Sand Mountain" is one kick-ass book. It's the true account of a reporter who started to investigate a snake-handling preacher's attempt to murder his wife with a rattlesnake. After covering the trial the reporter became a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ With Signs Following. We are talking Winters Bone on crack here. It was amazing to find out what an eclectic bunch of Scots-Irish Pentecostals still exist in Appalachia.

Maybe it's my decreasing attention span but I can't read tedious books by authors like Jean Auel and Ayn Rand. I don't know if I'm ready for the Young Adult section (I thought The Hunger Games was silly). I need books that aren't too academic, books that move along. I can't take an author that needs 500 words to describe a fern.

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Aunt Dot said...

My brother-in-law, David, highly recommends the Bonhoeffer book. Different strokes for different folkes :-)

I'm not a fan of 500 words to describe a leaf either ...loses me every time. Kinda like those people who talk just t hear themselves talk!

I need to lose myself in a book right about now. I think it is going to be "How to be an American Housewife" (ha!) by Margaret Dilloway.