Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Reproductive Second Amendment Rights

At last a judge in Maryland has declared Maryland's Concealed Carry Law unconstitutional. When I lived in the People's Republic Of Prince George you had to prove to the Lord of the Manor that you had a special need to carry a concealed weapon. You had to petition the local sheriff or county commissioner to grant you permission. The reasons usually had to do with some hazardous occupation; but in reality it was just patronage, bribes and the good-old-boy network that determined who was allowed to carry a handgun. It was quite different from Maine where the state had 21 days to find a reason not to issue you a permit. Basically the Maryland judge has decided that Second Amendment rights were not to be bargained for like melons in the marketplace.

This leads me to my real issue. What the heck are people talking about when they claim "reproductive rights?" Is it the right to boink freely? Is it the right to an abortion anytime? Is it the right to mess with the menstrual cycle? I think it's the right to have somebody else pay for your boink. I actually have a constitutional right to bear arms; does this mean the government should buy me a gun every month and give me free ammo and zombie targets? This is what the morons like Sandra Fluke don't understand; it's not about the boink, it's about subsidizing the boink and cleaning up afterward when it goes wrong. This is how stupid people have become. It's not about contraception, it's about making the responsible people subsidize the horny majority. We have graduate school students that can't manage their finances well enough to afford a condom.

While the whole country is swept up in the fervor of Reproductive Rights, our esteemed Attorney General Eric Holder has said that American citizens can be assassinated without due-process. So much for citizens' rights. Sooner or later Reproductive Rights will include the requirement of having a bureaucrat issue a permit to have a child. Until then, they just give us bread, circuses and condoms.

I might be paranoid, but I think a drone has been following me today.


d said...

I think that poor woman has been singing with Mick Jagger and the Stones "Satisfaction" too long.

Aunt Mary said...

Babba, I'm curious about your opinion. Much of this bleating coming from the left is about the fact that contraceptives aren't issued for preventative pregnancy alone. Many women have medical conditions affected positively by contraceptives. What sayest thou? I'm thinking, my medical insurance doesn't cover my dental or eye appts. Maybe I should canvass the government to force the insurance companies to cover them?

Babba Gi said...

There are off-label uses for BCP's. Acne,migraine headache, polycystic ovary syndrome etc. are legitimate uses that are covered. I'm not sure what the percentage of non birth control Rx's is I'd guess it's about 20%. Even the newest designer BCP's cost less than $1,000 a year and generics probably less than $400. It's all political. I'm sure part of my health care premium goes to cover sexual reassignment surgery; I can't see me ever needing that benefit, buts it's all part of the fascist Obama-Care.