Sunday, April 01, 2012

i-Pad As A Second Language

I'm stumbling through learning how to use Ben's old i-Pad. What I like about it:

I can use it outside in broad daylight.
It's faster than my 10 inch $250 Dell notebook.
The graphics are better
The battery lasts 4 times longer.
I can have my Kindle on it.

The only things I don't like is the Blogger App, which is basically a slate board and a piece of chalk. When I'm reading my Kindle Bo turns my page with a flick of his tongue. Now if I can only teach him to realize when I need the page turned.

Thanks to Ben I'm being dragged into the cyber-age. I draw the line on the i-Phone. Besides, Earth-Mother Marianne beat me to Ben's old i-Phone.


aannie said...

whatcha doing with your kindle?????

Mrs. Babba said...

Babba is referring to MY Kindle, which he had appropriated until getting the iPad. Now he has a Kindle app, (which allows him to read the Kindle content on the iPad)and I get my Kindle back!