Saturday, April 28, 2012

Post Offices, Buggy Whips and Tune-Ups

U.S. Senate plan would delay rural post office closings

As a nation we passed broke ten years ago. We are now bankrupt and owned by the Godless Chinese Communists. The attempt to close a few rural Post Offices and some distribution centers has the public going Postal. Anyone as delusional as the American public and those ass-clowns they send to Washington should be medicated and sitting in the Day-Room watching CNN.

Who needs mail delivery six days a week? What is so important that you have to have some Mail-Person schlep to your house and deliver the latest Value-Pack in timely manner? If mail was delivered twice a week what would be the big hardship; less junk mail? The final Social Security check was mailed last month, so the screaming seniors have been dragged kicking and screaming into Direct Deposit. They no longer have to go out to the mailbox and get mugged.

It may be cheaper to give every citizen a lap-top and an e-mail account and a tutor. It's time to realize we can't afford to have the Postal Employees with their enormous benefit package hand us a letter everyday. When I was young we had mail delivery twice a day in NYC. That made sense because there wasn't Fed-Ex, e-mail, electronic banking and the 4-G network. The Postal Worker earned about as much as the milkman and didn't retire at 55 with full benefits for life.

When you are broke you can't afford all the quaint niceties of your childhood. However, for now we will just plod along throwing money down the rathole because some person in Pigsknuckle, Arkansas can't wait an extra day to get their K-Mart Sale Flyer. With the bold leadership we see in Congress all we have to look forward to is more bread and circuses.

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D- said...

Nice profile picture!
As far as the postal service debacle, if that service were to go private such as UPS, I think it would come out of the RED and into the BLACK. I like the six day service.