Monday, May 27, 2013

I'll Have A 9mm Double Latte, Please

There are like Ten Commandments about reloading ammunition. These were handed down by Charlton Heston when he met Samuel Colt and John Moses Browning on Mount Rushmore. One of them is "thou shalt not be distracted while reloading."  You're not supposed to eat, smoke, watch TV do drugs or alcohol or Sudoku, while at the the sacred bench. To avoid the appearance of legalism, I obey four out of the six. I watch some cheesy movie and drink coffee when serving at the altar.

I took a break this morning from priming a hundred 9mm cases to walk Bo. When I returned I went to fill up up my mug And I heard something rattle in that  inch of coffee I never finish. My first thought was I lost a gold crown in there. However, just below the surface was a primed 9mm case. I must have dropped it into my mug instead of the tray while I was watching Bride Of The Monster.

Now I'm wondering if a CCI primer soaked in coffee will still work.  I'm already feeling foolish so I decided to get rid of it. So I took the magazine out of my 9mm and discharged the primer. I'm fairly sure I would notice a brass case in my mouth but I'm not sure about a plain primer. Biting down on one of those would be like an instant root canal.

I guess I'm just getting sloppy. Ii used to keep my coffee a few feet away. It's time for the dangerous part of the operation, putting the powder in the cases.  No more eating and watching TV; I don't want to go where many jerks have gone before!


M- said...

Also, please unplug the coffeemaker, check the batteries are fresh in the smoke alarm, and get Carol out of there.

goober said...

I wanna know what happened to the post about the Abominable Poop.

Marianne said...

Wow, very unlike you, Daddy!!