Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chocolate Martinis

Godiva Chocolate Liqueur 

The proof is in the tasting

We need a larger glass

Carol thinks alcoholism is funny.


Aunt Mary said...

This is freaky.

CP said...

It was so funny, fav! Our friend was making these drinks with tons of chocolate in them and chocolate liqueur (I thought they tasted yukky, actually; sort of like chocolate cough syrup) when she spilled a little on the counter. She yelled, "Oh no! I can't let that go to waste---it costs 30 dollars a bottle!!!!" and she started LICKING the counter! I was laughing so hard I almost cried.

D- said...

What a waste of good chocolate!
Reminds me of the Black community around the time of the Rochester race riots (summer 1964). Dad had a MR. Softee truck with a route in the black community. The men would come up with a big bottle of Gin in one hand (drinking it) and order a our large banana split (loaded with everything imaginable). They would stand there eating the split and sucking the booze....
This reminded me of that experience.