Sunday, June 09, 2013

Five Months In The Wilderness With Larry Crabb

Since Feb. CP and I have been teaching Sunday School and using the book "Sixty-Six Love Letters From God".  Five months of surveying the Old Testament hasn't been a rollicking good time, not to mention the horrendous body count and genealogies. 

Today we went over the intro to the New Testament, which was actually a summation of the hard lessons we were supposed to learn in the previous thirty-nine "love letters".  Like Moses leading the multitude I felt it appropriate to summarize our five months in the Sinai.

I said, "These five months have been like going to a psychiatrist. We laid on the couch and rattled on and got impatient and discouraged. Like a patient we asked the doctor, how long would he take to find out what's our problem is.  The shrink says, "I knew what your problem was after ten minutes, I was waiting for you to figure it out".  That's where we've been for five months, mired in the blood the guts and the beer, learning what the problem is.  Five months is better than five thousand years, and instead of losing people we gained a couple.  It was some tough stuff but I think we at least see our problem.


M- said...

Well, Babba, if it's not prying too much, I'd like to hear what the problem was.

D- said...

Old Testament survey was a delight for me way back when. Did Larry make it a gruesome time?

Babba-Gi said...

The "problem" is we don't understand the Old Testament or the Law of Moses. I think that is why we consider the Old Testament as a book with anger issues. The warden of Angola Prison in La. when needing some guidance from his pastor concerning his participation in the executions said "Don't give me any scriptures from the Old Testament, those people were crazy."

The law is as close as we can get to our sin without cracking up. That's why it was a rough few months in class. We have interpreted Romans to say that the law is dead when in reality WE have to die. It's like we want the inheritance without the death.

Larry Crabb doesn't pull any punches. It's not any of the "your best life now" heresy that is so popular. He says things like:
"God I know you're good,but tell me again: What are You good for?"

"Do you want to be happy today, or holy?"

Maybe it is an age thing, but the couple of younger people in the class had the most problems with old Larry. It struck me like the older men putting their stones down first and walking away from the adultress.